Wood Manchester a Fine Dining Restaurant

HOMAGE Frequently Asked Questions

Is it enough to food to fill me up?

Dependent on your appetite, it is enough, the cheeses are good portions with their crackers, as well as our additions available on the menu such as charcuterie.

Do I need to order crackers and chutneys?

No, house made crackers and chutneys are paired to each cheese.

Do I have to have the Taste of Homage menu?

No, we have a wide range of cheeses, you can create your own cheese boards, picking and choosing the cheeses you prefer.

How does the wine pairing work?

You receive a paired glass of wine with each cheese course on the Taste of Homage menu, we have two options, Favourites and Classics available all week.

Can the wine pairing be adapted?

Yes, we can accommodate wine changes on the Taste of Homage menu.

I don’t drink alcohol, can I still take part in the menu?

Yes of course, we have a wide range of non-alcoholic drinks on our menu.

I am pregnant, can I still order from the menu?

The majority of the cheeses on the menu are unpasteurized, blue and have ripening qualities that are deemed unsafe by the NHS for ingestion while pregnant. While we may have one or two cheeses, we could not offer a full experience.

I am vegetarian, are any of the cheeses are vegetarian?

Most of the cheeses are made with traditional rennet, but we do have some available that are made with a vegetarian rennet.